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19 Apr

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Reflections and music suggestions – two weeks until showtime

31 Mar

We’ve reached a really exciting and slightly frantic portion of our process. So much fantastic work was done in the past few weeks as we took ideas and stories to the page and then breathed life into them as we staged. Two more weeks to pull it all together. I invite you all to use this thread to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are headed in the final weeks of this process. Also, please throw out any music suggestions you might have for specific points in the performance. For example – I think “Home” by Alexi Murdoch or “Homeless” by Paul Simon could be nice pre-show or post-show music or perhaps used for one of the flocks.

Remember – please arrive right at 5 pm next week so that we can stage the final batch of pieces before running things. Also – once a piece that you are in has been staged, work on those lines and review the blocking so that we don’t end up using as much class time to re-block and review.


Writers and Directors – words to project after your pieces

31 Mar

As Decky mentioned in class, please be thinking of a question, or a quote or line that you might like to have projected after your piece is performed. Let’s use this thread to gather those in one place. . .




24 Mar

This is the logo that JErmaine designed ..does it work..please give feedback. We need to get out publicity ASAP.

Prop Needs – A Running List

23 Mar

Let’s use this post as a central place to post prop needs as they arise for each of the pieces. We discussed the idea of choosing transformational and multipurpose objects in order to play upon themes of ownership as well as to aid in fluid transitions. Feel free to jot things down as you realize you will need them, you can always go back and add/amend.

I’ll get us started:

MAIL – 3 directors blocks



Playlists and Updates!

23 Mar

Today was productive! Thanks to Bridgit we have a great new name for the performance: “Nowhere” (which spells “nowhere” and “now here” and will be presented visually so that both readings of the title are apparent).

In order to give us a broad array of playlists from which we can select ~8 to display throughout the performance, please post your playlist as a comment to this blog post no later than this Sunday at noon. As we talked about in class, the basic format for these playlists is as follows:

Your Name:
Status: (A word or phrase to describe your sense of home. For example: Perpetually renting, Moved around a lot, 8 times in 4 years, been in foster care, etc)
4 songs that reflect living situation: (Just list the titles of the songs, no need to include lyrics or artists)
Likes: (An action word reflecting your home life and song choice, for example: random, shuffle, repeat, pause, loud , etc)

Please also note that Sunday at noon is the final deadline to turn drafts/fully written pieces in to the writing team for inclusion in the show. Thanks!

Performance Pieces

16 Mar

Performance Pieces

Below is a breakdown of the pieces  that we discussed yesterday in class, including who will be working on what. Some of the pieces might span more than one of the three major themes (Being & Belonging, Place, Curves & Obstacles) or might end up being better suited to fit under a different one of the theme headings. Since the overall performance won’t designate them specifically though, there’s no need to worry to much about where they fall.

Please be sure to work on your assigned pieces this week and send a draft to a member of the writing team no later than Sunday at 9 pm. Writing team members include: Callie, Erica, Tracey, Laura and Aleesa (If I forgot anyone from the writing team, please comment to let everyone know).

Being & Belonging:
The Playlist (Tracey and Aleesa)
Mouth Wide Shut (Diviin, Alexis, Jawan, Jill, Margie)
Laundry Game (Bridgit, Julia, Hsin, Megan)
Shower Map (Bridgit, Julia, Hsin, Megan)
The File (Aleesa, Diviin, Alexis, Jawan, Jill, Margie)
Who am I?/Whose am I? Flock with Tabita’s Story (Tracey, Erica, Ariel, Joanne, Tabita, Amanda)

Home Improvement/Ideal Home (Kenton, Laura, Kristala, Sharonda AND Julia)
Mouth Wide Shut (Diviin, Alexis, Jawan, Jill, Margie)
Club Exotic (Kenton, Laura, Kristala, Sharonda)
Life of  the Basket (Amanda, Natalia, Callie)

Obstacles & Curves:
Quicksand Movement Piece (Spencer, Amanda)
That’s Not My Problem (Bridgit, Julia, Hsin, Megan)
Lesson on the Laws of Motion (Callie)

Other Individual Narratives:
Tracey’s Story
Erica’s Story
Hsin’s/Julia’s Stories

Flocks (Amanda and Bridgit)
Track & Field (Amanda and Bridgit)

If I mistyped any of these, please comment to correct. Next Tuesday we’ll get at least some of these staged!


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